Mid-Term Rental Mastery

Ready to double your cash flow without buying any more properties? Learn how to use the furnished, 30+ day stay model to reach financial freedom faster!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Module 1: What is the MTR Model + Meet Your Instructor

  • How medium term rentals can double or even triple your cash flow when done right!
  • How Sarah uses medium term rentals to create her life by design.

Module 2: Finding a Market with MTR Demand

  • Key metrics to look out for in an MTR market
  • How to analyze metrics to ultimately pick the best market to start with!

Module 3: Analyzing an MTR Deal for Cash Flow

  • The key differences between a long term rental and mid term rental analysis
  • Where to find key inputs for your analysis
  • A simple tool for analyzing your MTR deals in minutes!

Module 4: Tips for Furnishing Your Rental

  • Where to splurge vs. save in your MTR furniture
  • What key items you must include to keep your guests happy and your rental booked

Module 5: How to Create a Stand Out Listing

  • A simple formula for creating listings that get attention and keep your listing booked!
  • Walkthrough of the 2 main websites that you need to get your listings on before launch.

Module 6: Managing an MTR from Anywhere

  • Pros and cons between self managing and hiring out property management.
  • The technology stack you need if you decide to self manage

Module 7: Your Next Steps

  • You’ve finished the course, congrats!! But now what? It’s time to take action using our signature worksheets, resources, and action items.

Meet Your Instructor:
Sarah Weaver

Sarah is the author of “30 Day Stay, A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-term Rental.” Owner of Arya Design Services, The Mentorship Program, and Invested Adventures. She’s an out-of-state investing and medium-term rental expert and digital nomad. Buckle up and let Sarah show you the ropes of this furnished rental strategy!

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