Rentals 4 Rookies

Ready to jumpstart your out of state investing journey? Unlock this step-by-step roadmap to building passive income through rental properties! From choosing a market to analyzing deals, this comprehensive course has you covered!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn!

Module 1: Building A Solid Foundation

  • Set yourself up for success before you start investing
  • Create a vision that will help guide your goals & strategies
  • Break big goals into manageable, actional steps so you can take consistent action every step of the way!

Module 2: Choosing a Strategy

  • What options you have to invest, all the way from passive to very active
  • Understand the pros and cons of each strategy, so you can pick which is right for you and your goals.
  • Choose one strategy to focus on to start out!

Module 3: Choosing A Market

  • Identifying your competitive advantage in markets
  • Analyzing key metrics to help identify a market that meets your goals
  • And ultimately narrowing down to a market you want to zero in on for investing

Module 4: Building Your Team

  • Identify the “Core 5” members you should have on your team
  • Find quality team members in any market
  • Use strategic questions to vet team members and understand what to look out for

Module 5: Analyzing Deals

  • Build your personal “buy box” which will determine what a good deal is for you
  • Understand and source the inputs needed to confidently analyze a deal
  • Use criteria and key metrics to make numbers based decisions

Module 6: Financing Deals

  • Loan Lingo so you can confidently approach conversations with lenders
  • Different loan options to fund different kinds of projects
  • The timeline and process of getting a loan

Module 7: Submitting Offers

  • Components of an offer
  • Major timeline milestones once an offer gets accepted
  • How you can make offers more competitive

Module 8: Due Diligence Period

  • Use checklists to guide you through every step of the due diligence process
  • Perform physical, financial, and legal due diligence to ensure that you are buying a sound investment!
  • Navigate the process of re-negotiations if big surprises come up during due diligence

Module 9: Renovations

  • Vet the right contractor for your project
  • Create a scope of work
  • Efficiently run renovations – even from thousands of miles away

Module 10: Property Management

  • Determine whether you should self-manage or hire out
  • Vet a Property Management Company
  • Understand the Basic Process of Finding a Quality Tenant

Module 11: Systems and Processes

  • Access an exclusive bonus module that will teach you how to set up a few key systems & processes to build a solid foundation for future growth!

Meet Your Instructor:
Soli Cayetano

Soli scaled her portfolio to over 40 units in under 3 years. She was born and raised in the Bay Area, and learned to invest in more affordable markets like Cincinnati, Ohio in order to build cash flow and reach her goals of financial freedom. She quit her 9-5 job and then founded the Out of State Investor Academy to help others do the same.

Join her as she teaches Rentals 4 Rookies, her signature course, which has helped hundreds of investors buy their first or next rental property.

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“21 days after joining, I’m under contract for my first rental property! Real estate investing truly is a skill anybody can learn. This community helped me take my first step and that’s the most important thing – take action!”


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